HMS Glorious (1927) CV  (1st)

This the only HMS Glorious was laid down in May-1915 and completed in Jan 1917 as a light Battlecruiser. See: HMS Glorious (1917) BC.

In February-1924 she was completely cut down and reconstructed as a flush deck aircraft carrier, with the conversion being completed in 1927.

She served with the Home Fleet until 1930 when she went to the Mediterranean from 1930-33. Then back to the Home Fleet.

WW2 found her initially in the Mediterranean, then in Dec-1939 went to the East Indies. By early 1940 she was back to Malta and overdue for refit. 

Germany invaded Norway on 9-Apr-1940 and HMS Glorious was despatched to ferry RAF fighters to Norway. By early June it was decided that the remaining RAF aircraft were to be evacuated by Glorious. Despite not having any training in deck landing, the RAF pilots managed to land their aircraft on Glorious. Which then set out to return to the UK accompanied by her escorting destroyers, Ardent and Acasta. For an unknown reason Glorious had no search aircraft in the air and was surprised by the German ships Scharnhorst and Gneisenau. Their 11in (27.9cm) guns completely outclassed those carried on their opponents and all 3 British ships were sunk by gunfire with the loss of most aboard.

Won the Battle Honour: Norway 1940.


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