X1 Class (1926) SS

HMS X1 was completed as an experimental class of one, designed as a submarine gun cruiser to sink enemy armed merchant ships. 

As such she was armed with a new semi-automatic 5.2in quick firing gun mounted in two turrets fore and aft of the conning tower. She was manpower intensive for her size with 58 crew needed to man the guns.

The design was inspired in the spring of 1915 by the German submarine cruisers U139-141 which were produced during WW1 as commerce raiders.

X1 was built at Chatham Dockyard, laid down Nov-1921, launched 16-Jun-1923, completed 23-Sep-1925, and commissioned April 1926. 

During her service life she had persistent problems with her engines and also several other operating problems which were never fully resolved.

Broken up at Pembroke Dock Dec-1936.


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