Upholder Class (1990) SSK

Designed as a conventional diesel powered replacement for the Oberon class.

Their operational role was reconnaissance in waters too shallow for SSN's, and to provide training.

The requirement for 12 boats was cut first to 10, then in the 1990-1991 Defence Review cut further to four.

By this time the Cold War was over and it was decided that the reconnaissance mission was no longer needed. So in the harsh financial climate, the Royal Navy could not afford to run two maintenance organisations, one geared to diesel-electric boats, the other to nuclear-powered boats.

The Upholders were taken out of service in 1994 and laid up at Barrow, in hope of finding a purchaser.

In 1998 they were leased to the Canadian Forces as the Victoria Class, with the option to buy later. Which Canada did.


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