S (Swordfish) Class (1932) SS

The S Class (1932) Submarines were designed as a long range patrol submarine.

They were built over a period of 13 years from 1930 and were the Royal Navy's most numerous submarine class.

Sometimes they are known as one class built in three groups, and sometimes three different classes. 
Group 1 - Swordfish Class
Group 2 - Shark Class
Group 3 - Seraph Class.

Unlike the leaky Oberon Class (1927), which had external riveted fuel tanks, the 'S' had their fuel tanks placed internally.

The final group had a greatly increased range over the first two groups at 6,000nm against 3,800nm. 

All were heavily involved throughout WW2. 

Although rated as having a diving depth of 300ft. In Feb-1940 HMS Stubborn survived the then deepest dive of 540ft. She was depth charged and plunged to 400ft before surfacing and making an immediate second uncontrolled dive when she hit the sea bed. After several hours on the bottom, and sustaining further depth charging, she used the last of her high pressure air to surface. She reached harbour eight days later.

Statesman fired the last torpedo of WW2 when she sank a derelict vessel three days after Japan's surrender.

After WW2 Stoic was used for crush trials and she reached a depth of 600ft before her hull collapsed.

Sea Scout was one of the longest serving boats being commissioned in May-1944, and paid off in 1963.


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