E Class (1913) SS

The E Class (1913) submarines were designed as diesel powered overseas patrol submarines.

Their numbers were increased after the outbreak of WW1 and they were very successful during the hostilities. As a class they paid a heavy price for this success with almost half their numbers lost on active service (28 lost out of 57 built). This high loss rate was not the result of any technical problems but because they were continually in  front line service. 

They introduced several new features into RN submarines. The first sub-divisions in a British submarine with watertight bulkheads, first beam torpedo tubes, and also the first time that crew requirements began to be considered in the design, (Because the increasing range made lengthy periods on board routine).

During the war they were based at Harwich, and north east England for North Sea patrols. They also served in the Baltic, Dardanelles, Adriatic and Mediterranean.


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