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This the first ship to carry the name HMS Vindex was a mixed carrier which carried both seaplanes and landplanes

An Isle of Man Steam Packed Co passenger vessel, hired 26-Mar-1915, and converted by the Cunard Company at Liverpool to carry five seaplanes (floats) aft in a hangar and two landplanes  (wheeled) forward with a launching platform. The first of what became known as mixed carriers. Bought 11-Nov-1915.

The wheeled landplanes were intended to be flown off to intercept Zeppelin airships.

After being commissioned she joined the Harwich force Nov-1915 and took part in North Sea operations until late 1917.

One of her aircraft made the first successful interception of a Zeppelin (L.17) on 02-Aug-1916. The attack itself did not succeed in destroying the airship.

Transferred to the Mediterranean 1918 and remained there until sold to her original owners 12-Feb-1920.

Requisitioned again in 1939 and used as a troopship.

Returned again to the Isle of Man Steam Packet Co in 1945

Scrapped 1954.


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