HMS Swift (1910) DD  (23rd)

This the 23rd ship to carry the name HMS Swift was a prototype destroyer.

Built by Cammell laird, laid down 30-Oct-1906, launched 07-Dec-1907, and completed Feb-1910. 345ft long, 34ft wide and displacing 1,825 tons. Armed with 4 x 4in guns and 2 x torpedo tubes. (Altered 1917 to 1 x 6in and 2 x 4in guns, and an increased displacement of 2,170 tons.

She was an experimental ship intended to operate with the Battle Fleet and the design when proved to replace the River classes. Her intended speed of 36kts made her much larger than existing destroyers and the oil fired turbines were also new.

With her large size was designated a destroyer leader 1913.

Sold 09-Nov-1921.

Won the Battle Honours: Dover 1917, Belgian Coast  1917-18 and Zeebrugge 1918.



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