HMS St Andrew (1622)  (2nd)
Great Ship 42-gun

This the second ship to carry the name HMS St Andrew was a 42-gun, great ship.

Built at Deptford, launched 1622, 110ft long, 36ft 6in wide and of 587 tons builders measurement. Armed with 42 guns in 1624 increasing to 52 in 1652 and nominally 66 under the 1666 Establishment. The size and type of guns varied as time passed.

Known as HMS Andrew during the time of the Commonwealth.

Driven ashore in a gale near Rye and wrecked 03-Sep-1666. Salved but found to be too badly damaged to be repaired. Run ashore 24-Nov-1666 and stripped and broken up.

Won the Battle Honours: Lowestoft 1665, Four Days' Battle 1666 and Orfordness 1666.


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