HMS Raven II (1915) CV  (1st)

This the only ship to carry the name HMS Raven II was a seaplane carrier.

Originally the German merchant ship Rabenfels, seized at port Said Aug-1914 while en route from Rotterdam to Bombay. Taken over Dec-1914 and converted to carry aircraft by providing canvas screens as aircraft shelters. Operated with a joint civilian-naval crew under the Red Ensign, with Aircraft piloted by French pilots and British observers.

Commissioned 12-Jun-1915 into the Royal Navy and renamed Raven II.

For the rest of 1915 operated mainly with French forces. Assigned to the East Indies & Egypt Seaplane Squadron Jan-1916 and operated in the Eastern Mediterranean, Aegean and Red Seas.

Damaged 01-Sep-1916 by a bomb dropped from a German aircraft.

Moved to the Indian ocean mar/Jun-1917.

Paid off late 1917,  reverted to merchant duties and renamed Ravenrock.

Sold 1923.


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