HMS Powerful (1957) CVL  (4th)

This HMS Powerful was laid down as one of the Majestic Class (1948) of Light Fleet Carriers. If she had been commissioned into the Royal Navy she would have been the fourth ship to carry the name.

Built by Harland & Wolf, laid down 27-Feb-1942. Construction was suspended May-1946 to Jul-1952.

Bought by the Royal Canadian Navy in 1952. After which she was completed to a substantially revised design and the new name of HMCS Bonaventure

As the Bonaventure she was completed in January 1957 and operated by The Royal Canadian Navy. She operated in the strike role until 1961, then as an Anti-submarine warfare fixed wing carrier with Tracker aircraft and sea king helicopters. 

Refit followed in 1967, but she was paid off 03-Jul-1970, and broken up in Taiwan 1971.

One of the shortest serving Majestic Class (1948) Carriers.


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