HMS London (1667)  (3rd)
1st Rate 96-gun

This the third ship to carry the name HMS London was a first rate, three deck, 96-gun ship-of-the-line. The equivalent in her day of the 20th century battleship. Originally named HMS Loyal London

Built at Deptford Dockyard, launched 10-Jun-1666, and of 1,134 tons builders measurement (bm).

Partly destroyed by fire 13-Jun-1667, rebuilt at Deptford 1670 as 1,348 tons bm, 161ft long and 45ft wide. Renamed HMS London.

Another rebuild followed in 1706 at Chatham Dockyard, when her tonnage again increased to 1,685 tons bm, 168ft long, 48ft wide. Her gun establishment of 96-guns was carried during time of war at home waters, but only 86 guns were carried in war service overseas or during peace. (Some sources count this rebuild as a new ship.)

Her complement at his time was 780 men during war at home, or 580 men when at war in overseas waters or in peace.

A great repair was undertaken from 1718 to 1721, which was almost another rebuild.

Broken up at Chatham 1747. 

Won the Battle Honours: Sole Bay 1672, Schooneveld 1673, Texel 1673 and Barfleur 1692.


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