HMS Lion (1960) CC  (18th)

This the eighteenth ship to carry the name HMS Lion was a Cruiser.

Originally HMS Defence.

Built by Scotts of Greenock, laid down 24-Jun-1942, launched 02-Sep-1944.

Completion was suspended and not resumed until 15-Oct-1954 when her superstructure was dismantled 1955 in preparation for completion as a new design. Conversion completed by Swan Hunter of Wallsend.

Armed with 4 x 6in and 6 x 3in guns.

Renamed HMS Lion 08-Oct-1957.

Commissioned 20-Jul-1960.

On completion served with the Home and Mediterranean Fleets 1960-62. Refitted 1962, then the Home and Far East Fleets 1962-64.

Went into reserve 1964-72 and listed for disposal 1972 after which she was cannibalised to provide parts for her sister ship Tiger

Sold 12-Feb-1975 and arrived at Inverkeithing Apr-1975 for breaking up.


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