HMS Imperieuse (1906)  (6th)
Training Ship

This the sixth ship to carry the name HMS Imperieuse was originally HMS Audacious. The name ship of the first ironclad battleships which were built as a class. 

Built by Napier, launched 27-Feb-1869 and completed 1870, 280ft long, 54ft wide and displacing 6,010 tons.

After serving as Hull guardship from 1871-1874 she became Flagship on the China Station from 1874-1878. Then back to Hull, following which she had a refit.
On return to service it was back to China from 1883-1889.
After a second refit, a third spell at Hull followed, then Audacious went into reserve in 1894.

She became a depot ship in 1902 and was renamed Fisgard.

Then 01-Jan-1906 became a training ship and renamed again to Imperieuse.

In 1914 became a repair ship and was finally sold 12-Mar-1927 and broken up at Inverkeithing.


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