HMS Hermes (1899) CC  (8th)

This the eighth ship to carry the name HMS Hermes was a 2nd Class, Protected Cruiser.

Built by Fairfield of Govan, laid down 30-Apr-1897,  launched 07-Apr-1898, and completed 05-Oct-1899

On completion went to the America & West Indies Station as Flagship 1899-1901. Returned to the UK for refit during which her boilers were changed 1901-03. Joined the Channel Fleet 1903-04, then reserve at Portsmouth 1905. To the East Indies Station as Flagship 1906-07. Then to the Cape Station as Flagship 1907-13. Returned to the UK and served with the 3rd Fleet 1913.

Converted to a Seaplane Carrier at Chatham 1913, and undertook trials 1913. These trials formed the basis most of the conversions of HM and requisitioned ships to seaplane and aircraft carriers during WW1.

Joined the 3rd Fleet 1914.

Reconverted back for cruiser duty 1914 and joined the Nore Command.

Torpedoed and sunk 31-Oct-1914 by U-27 in the Strait of Dover.


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