HMS Falmouth (1932) SL  (8th)

This the eighth ship to carry the name HMS Falmouth was a the name ship of a class of four escort sloops.

Built at Devonport Dockyard, laid down 31-Aug-1931, launched 19-Apr-1932 and commissioned 27-Oct-1932.

On completion served on the China Station, as the Admiral's Despatch Vessel. As such she did not have armaments and had additional accommodation installed. Used for official visits to ports too small for the Admiral's Cruiser Flagship. Used in this role until the outbreak of WW2, except when she took part in the evacuation of Britons from Shanghai Aug-1937.

With the outbreak of war went to Hong Kong for refit which included fitting of her armaments and ASDIC.

Carried out patrols based at Singapore from Mar  to May-1940. Then served in the Persian Gulf, where she sank the Italian submarine Galvani 23-Jun-1940. Refitted at Bombay Dc-1940, after which it was back to the Gulf. Where she took part in the occupation of Basra 28-Apr-1941, and Abadan 25-Aug-1941. After this she towed HMS Bronte from Basra to Karachi, 04-Seo-1941.

After this it was time to go to Suez Oct-1941, and returned to Ceylon Dec-1941 with the outbreak of war with Japan. Refitted at Bombay Jul-1942 to Nov-1942. Convoy protection work in the Gulf/Aden/Bombay areas continued until Jun-1943.

Refitted at Durban Jun-1943, after which she continued with convoy escort work with convoys along East Africa until Jun-1945, except for a refit at Simonstown Dec-1943 to Feb-1944.

After Jun-1945 was based at Colombo, for operations of Rangoon and Burma, until WW2 ended.

In early 1946 operated in the Gulf once again and returned to the UK at the end of the year, for the first time since completion.

Paid off into reserve to await disposal.

However she was refitted as a drillship for the Tyne Division RNVR, and  renamed HMS Calliope. Based at Newcastle from Jan-1952 until 30-Apr-1968.

Broken up at Hughes Bolckow, of Blyth.

Won the Battle Honour: East Indies 1940.


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