HMS Dreadnought (1573)  (2nd) 
Galleon 43-gun

This the second HMS Dreadnought was built in 1573, carried 43 guns and was of 400 tons builders measurement.. She was thought to be a Galleon as it was about this time that the English Navy Royal adopted the Galleon type.

She formed part of the building program which was begun in the 1570's in response to the growing threat of Spanish invasion.

She carried a complement of 200 men and sailed against the Spanish Armada in 1588.

Sickness formed a large part of the danger to the crew during this time. When Dreadnought returned from the 1589 expedition she had 114 dead out of a crew of 300 with only 18 men able to work the ship on her return to Plymouth.

She was rebuilt in 1592 and 1613. (Note: during rebuilds they became virtually new ships with only good timber from the old one being incorporated into the new vessel. Some argue that the ship should in fact be considered a new one.)

Broken up 1648.

Won the Battle Honours: Armada 1588 and Cadiz 1596.


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