HMS Deptford (1935) SL  (9th)

This the ninth ship to carry the name HMS Deptford was a Grimsby Class (1933) escort sloop.

Built at Chatham Dockyard, laid down 30-Apr-1934, launched 05-Feb-1935 and commissioned 14-Aug-1935.

On commissioning went to the Gulf until Aug-1939, except for refits at Bombay, Sep/Nov-1936, Colombo Nov/Dec-1937, Bombay Sep-1938.

Following the outbreak of WW2 , returned to the UK Nov-1939 and joined the Western Approaches based at Liverpool where she served as convoy escort in the Atlantic. After refitting at Liverpool Feb-1941 served as convoy escort on the Gibraltar route until the end of 1941. Assisted in sinking U-567 on 21-Dec-1941.

Collided with HMS Stork 22-Dec-1941 and repairs at Liverpool took until Mar-1942. After this worked as convoy escort on the Freetown route until Nov-1942, when she escorted convoys for Operation Torch, the invasion of Africa.

After this operated on the North African coast and went aground at Algiers 09-Dec-1942 and was not refloated until 14-Dec. Returned to the UK and repairs took until Sep-1943. After they were completed went back to the Mediterranean until Dec-1943, returning to the UK in time for Christmas.

After a refit continued until the end of the war as English Channel convoy escort.

After the war in Europe ended went into reserve at Milford Haven 03-Jul-1945.

Allocated for breaking up 08-Mar-1948.

Won the Battle Honours: Atlantic 1939-43, North Africa 1942, Mediterranean 1944 and English Channel 1945.


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