HMS Centaur (1953) CVL  (6th)

This the sixth ship to carry the name HMS Centaur was laid down 22-Apr-1947 and the first of the Hermes Class (1953) Light Fleet Carriers to be completed.

She was the first carrier to be completed with an angled flight deck, by having the centre line painted off centre, onto what was otherwise an axial flight deck.

Her innovations continued in 1955 when she was the second ship to be fitted with a steam catapult.

Her duties were the usual for all carriers of her era, a series of work up trials, exercises and courtesy visits.

From 1962-66 she served mostly in the Far East and on her return to home waters in 1966 she reverted to being an accommodation carrier for the crew of other carriers which were being refitted, first at Devonport and then Portsmouth. 

She was decommissioned in 1965 and scrapped at Queensborough, Kent in 1972.


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