HMS Anne (1915) CV  (7th)

This the seventh ship to carry the name HMS Anne was a seaplane carrier.

Originally the German merchant ship Aenne Rickmers, built by Rickmers Reismuhlen of Bremerhaven  seized at Port Said Aug-1914. Dimensions of 367ft 1in long x 47ft 7in wide x 27ft 3in and displacing 4,083 tons and armed with 1 x 12pdr gun and 1 x machine gun. Operated up to three seaplanes.

Used as a makeshift seaplane carrier from Jan-1915 and operated as a merchant ship under her original name with a mixed civilian/naval crew. The original aircraft were French Nieuport floatplanes crewed by French pilots and British observers which were protected by canvas screens.

Their function was to provide air reconnaissance beyond the range of land based planes. They assisted with the deployment of naval and land forces which defeated Turkish advances towards the Suez Canal in early 1915.

Operations continued of the Sinai, Syrian and Turkish coasts until 11-Mar-1915 when she was struck by a torpedo fired by the Turkish torpedo boat Demir Hisar. She was deliberately grounded at Mudros for temporary repairs, with permanent repairs at Alexandria taking until 18-Jun-1915.

Operations off Turkey continued in Jul-1915 and on 05-Aug-1915 she was commissioned as HMS Anne 05-Aug-1915.

Served mainly with French forces until Jan-1916 when she joined the East Indies and Egypt Seaplane Squadron Jan-1916. The French Nieuports and crew were disembarked at Malta 09-May-1916 and replaced by British aircraft.

Operations continued in the Eastern Mediterranean, Aegean and Red Seas until 08-Aug-1917 when she paid off.

From 29-Jan-1918 served as a merchant collier under the red Ensign until the end of WW1.

Sold 1922 to a Greek company and renamed Ithaki. Sold again several times often with name changes and finally scrapped at Hong Kong in 1958.


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