Nautilus Class (1917) SS

The Nautilus Class was designed as an experimental class of one for an overseas type. The specification was drawn up by the 1912 Submarine Committee.

The order was placed in 1913 and she included a double hull, substantially increased length un comparison with other submarines, and increased patrol range.

Her design speed of 17kts was not considered enough and the Admiralty requested an increase. But as engine technology was being stretched from 800 hp engines to 1,850 hp engines this led to problems.

Her priority status was removed and so she was not completed until Oct-1917.

She was not used operationally in WW1 and continued to be plagued with teething problems.

HMS Nautilus was the first RN submarine to be given a name, but in Jun-1917 she was renamed as HMS N1.

Her duties became that of a battery charging vessel.

She was paid off in Jul-1919 and scrapped in 1922.


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