B Class (1905) SS

The 11 boats of the B Class (1905) SS, were further development of the original Holland Class (1901) SS design, being both bigger and heavier.

Their firsts included a casing to give improved buoyancy when surfaced and also give extra protection to the pressure hull. Plus they had hydroplanes near the bow which allowed them to dive easily while under way. In 1916 HMS B3 had a prototype directional hydrophone fitted, and was used in early attempts to detect enemy ships and submarines.

Several were deployed to the Mediterranean during WW1. Being towed from Britain until they reached their operational area. 

As the war progressed HMS B6 and B11 had become inoperational due to shortage of spares. So in Aug-1917 they together with three other B Class boats were converted to conventional patrol vessels. With their electric motors removed, conning tower cut off and replaced with a wheel house on a raised deck. The bow was reprofiled and a 12prd gun fitted. On completion they were allocated new pennant numbers S6 to S10. 

When WW1 ended only HMS B3 was still operational, mainly because she was used for trials and training.


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