Sources and Further Reading

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by Jeremy Flack 2002
A Century of Submarines
by Peter Lawrence 2001
A Century of British Naval Aviation 1909-2009
by David Wragg 2009
A to Z of Royal Navy Ships Badges
Volume 1
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A to Z of Royal Navy Ships Badges
Volume 2 
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Afridi to Nizam
British Fleet Destroyers 1937-43 
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Aircraft Carrier Story 1908-1945, The
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1914 to the present 
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Third Edition 
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The Spanish Assault on England
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Before at and after Dunkirk 
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3,000 years of Naval Warfare 
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by Anthony Preston 1981
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Since 1861 
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The Development of Aviation Vessels 
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Design, Construction and operations 1914-1945
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of World War One 
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From Earliest Days to the Second World War 
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The Royal nay's Most Powerful Strike Force
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In Focus Series 
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In Focus Series 
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The French Revolutionary War 1793-1797 
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Queen Elizabeth II 
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King George V 
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Queen Elizabeth II 
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International Fleet Review 
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edited by JR Hill 1995
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In Focus Series 
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The Definitive MOD Guide 
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In Focus Series 
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In Focus Series 
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In Focus Series
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1901 to the Present 
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A Naval History of Britain, Volume 1 660-1649 
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All the Ships of the Royal Navy 1688-1860
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Complete record 15th Century to Present 
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List of Static Ships and Establishments
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Volume 1: The Development of the Battlefleet 
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Volume 2 
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by Arnold Hague 1993
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Towns, The
History of 50 destroyers transferred to Britain 
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Treaty Cruisers
The First International Warship Building Competition
by Leo Marriot 2005
Tudor Navy, The
Ships, Men and organisation 1485-1603 
by Arthur Nelson 2001
The North Atlantic Saga 
by Fitzhugh & Ward 2000
World Encyclopedia of Cruisers, The 
by Bernard Ireland 2007
On Line Sources    
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World War Two Ships ww2ships.com
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