Flower Class (1940) Corvette Specification 

Crew :

85 To Flower Class (1940) Corvette (UK Built) Ships :
Displacement : 898 tons (1,180 tons full load); as designed;
1,055 tons (1,335 tons full load); after modification.
To Flower Class (1940) Corvette (Canadian Built) Ships :

Dimensions :

190ft length x 33ft beam x 10ft 3in (12ft 9in full load).
Range : 4,500nm @ 10kts.
Armament : 1 x 4in gun;
1 x 2pdr AA gun or 4 x 0.5in machine guns.
Power plant : Steam powered reciprocating;
single shaft. 

Max Speed :

Note: Many modifications were carried out during the war so the above is only indicative of the design specs. Actual specs of any ship at any time could vary.
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