R Class (1942) DD

These were a repeat of the previous Q Class ships, with some altered internal arrangements.  They were ordered in Apr-1940 and were known as the 4th Emergency Flotilla.

Like the Q's, the need to repair action damage to destroyers received during Dunkirk operations, delayed their construction. Also the original contracts for Redoubt and Relentless, originally placed with Fairfield were transferred to John Brown. However they all commissioned during late 1942 to Mid 1943.

They served in various waters and from 1944 as the 11th Destroyer Flotilla were with the Eastern Fleet in the Indian Ocean. Where they remained until the end of the war.

They all survived the war and later three were transferred to the Indian Navy.

The remaining four served were converted to Type 15 frigates three of which served until the mid 1960's.


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