Prototypes (1927) DD

Following the end of WW1 no new destroyer designs were prepared until 1924. When technical advances in machinery and construction techniques needed to be explored in a new design.

It was also time to begin work on replacing the now obsolescent destroyers constructed during WW1.

The Admiralty called for tenders from five leading destroyer builders.

Thorneycroft and Yarrow submitted the two successful bids. Although both ships looked similar externally they differed internally.

Thorneycroft's design was named Amazon, and Yarrow's Ambuscade.

During initial trials, Amazon achieved only 34.5kts but after modification, 38.7kts.
Ambuscade achieved 37.66kts but was more economical.

Endurance and performance trials in warm latitudes showed problems with high temperatures in the machinery spaces and ventilation systems were altered.

Overall, the success of these two ships design led to a series of 77 similar destroyers being constructed from 1925 to 1937.

In addition they were so far ahead of other countries designs that numbers were constructed for foreign navies.


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