Ness (E) Class (1905) DD

The Ness (E) Class (1905) were a class of two destroyers built by White. Part of the 1903-04 programme.

They were part of the collective River Class, which comprised 10 ships from 1901-02, 8 ships from 1902-03 and 16 ships from the 1903-04 construction programmes. An additional 2 ships were bought in 1909.

Each of several builder submitted their own design which had to satisfy common contract specifications and therefore were built to slightly different designs. All ships built to this specification were named after rivers. Collectively sometimes known as the River Class. When destroyers were allocated class letters in 1912, all became the E Class.

They were intended to operate with the Fleet in the Mediterranean based at Malta and able to operate off the main French base at Toulouse for two days, or off the Dardanelles for two days. They would also be able to operate across the North Sea.

To do this they needed better seakeeping qualities than previous classes and stronger more reliable  machinery. 


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