M Class (1941) DD

The 1938 destroyer programme were a repeat of the previous L Class. But all received their designed 6 x 4.7in guns and director equipment.

As they were "arcticised" they spent most of their lives in northern waters.

From mid-1942, most of their time was spent on Russian Convoy Escort duties. But Matchless and Marne went to the Mediterranean for summer 1942 for important Malta convoys, before returning to the Arctic.

Marne and Martin went south in November 1942 for the North African Landings, where I was sunk and Marne had her stern blown off but remained afloat and was repaired.

For the others work on Arctic convoys and Atlantic support groups continued until late 1944. When Meteor and Musketeer went to the Mediterranean during final mopping up operations.

Two were lost during the war, one transferred to Poland before completion, and five survived hostilities.

Musketeer was broken up in 1955, and the remaining four were sold to Turkey in 1957,


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