Fervent Class (1900) TBD

The Fervent Class was one of 14 Classes of Torpedo Boat Destroyers. Designed to a common contract speed of 27kts, with each class built by a different builder.

Built by Hanna, Donald & Wilson (HDW), part of the 1893/94 construction programme. They were a class of two ships.

In comparison with the prototypes the bow torpedo tube was omitted.

As completed, the boilers did not produce the power needed to reach the contract speed of 27kts. They were re-boilered with water-tube boilers. But still could not reach the required speed and never did so during trials.

They took longer to deliver than any other TBD and had the reputation of being among the worst 27-kt TBD. Before building these ships HDW were a general engineering firm which had completed some vessels and boiler installations. They were not established shipbuilders and these were their first and last naval shipbuilding venture.

Both ships completed their service in home waters and were broken up in 1920.

On 30-Aug-1912, in common with all other 27kt and prototype classes they were redesignated the A Class.   


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