Faulknor Class (1914) DD

When WW1 broke out, four of an order of six large destroyers under construction for the Chilean Navy were still undelivered. They were taken over by the Admiralty and completed as the four ships of the Faulknor Class (1914). 

They were used as destroyer leaders, each leading a flotilla of standard destroyers and having additional accommodation for the Captain (D) who commanded the flotilla and his support staff.

Before suitable destroyers were used as flotilla leaders, small fast cruisers were used in this role. Being larger, they had accommodations and communication facilities for the command staff and led their flotilla to the point of action when the accompanying destroyers attacked. As destroyers speed increased it became more difficult for cruisers to attain the necessary speed and so following a change of fleet procedures destroyer leaders took on the role.

One, HMS Tipperary was sunk at Jutland, and the other three were returned to Chile May-1920.


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