Falcon Class (1901) TBD

The Falcon Class was one of a large number of classes of Torpedo Boat Destroyers. Designed to a common contract speed of 30kts, with each class built by a different builder. They were a follow on to the similar 27kt design of the 1893/94 programme. The 90 ships ordered from 1892/93 to 1896/97 programmes almost completed Royal Navy requirement for torpedo boat destroyers.

Built by Fairfield on the Clyde, part of the 1898/99 construction programme.  Originally there were to be no torpedo boat destroyers in this year's programme but they were ordered as part of a supplemental programme ordered in Jul-1898.

They were a class of two ships, repeats of the Gipsy Class (1898) but with boilers modified to burn oil as well as coal.

Their purpose was to defend the Channel and Fleet operations near hostile shores from torpedo boats. So they only had a short radius of action.

The single designation 30-knotters covered a large number of distinct designs. So when class letters were assigned on 30-Aug-1912, four funnel ships were assigned to B Class; three funnel ships to C Class and two funnel ships to D Class. 


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