Conflict Class (1899) TBD

The Conflict Class was one of 14 Classes of Torpedo Boat Destroyers. Designed to a common contract speed of 27kts, with each class built by a different builder.

Built by White, part of the 1893/94 construction programme. They were a class of three ships.

In comparison the the prototypes the bow torpedo tube was omitted

However they had difficulty making their contract speed and had an extended time between launch and acceptance.

They were not well regarded in service particularly as the machinery and propeller's turned in the opposite direction to the norm. This made for erratic steering.

As a result of this, White's were not invited to contract for the 30-knotters in the 1897/1898 construction programme.

On 30-Aug-1912, in common with all other 27kt and prototype classes they were redesignated the A Class.


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