Battle Class (1946) DD

These were initially intended to be repeats of the previous Battle Class (1944) ships. But their lack of astern firepower was criticised and new fire control systems were becoming available. Eventually it was agreed that 3 x flotillas (24 ships) would be basically repeats of the previous Class but with the addition of 1 x 4.5in gun aft, and torpedo tubes increased by 2 to 10. Another two would be of a new design.

Orders were placed for four units in Mar-1942, 15 in April and a final 5 in June, a total of twenty four ships

None of them were completed in time for war service. Eighteen were cancelled, nine after being launched.

Of the six which were completed, the first did not complete until late-1946 and the last mid-1948.

In the 1960's four, (Agincourt, Aisne, Barossa and Corunna) were converted to radar pickets.

Matapan having spent most of her time in reserve was rebuilt as a trials ship and was not broken up until 1979. Almost thirty years after being completed.


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