Acorn (H) Class (1910) DD

The Acorn Class (1910) were a class of 20 destroyers. Part of the 1909-10 construction programme.

They were the first to be completed to a standard design provided by the Admiralty which covered everything except the machinery which would still be designed by the shipyard. However the machinery still had to fit within the space and weight limits imposed.

The change of philosophy to previous designs was a desire to increase the number of yards able to compete for the work and so force down unit price. Also the savings achieved by specialist designs were becoming smaller in relation to the overall size of the ship. There was also a desire to reduce the time and work needed to check and approve the large number of designs produced by individual builders.

They were designed to work across the North Sea and have good seakeeping properties.

When destroyers were allocated class letters in 1912, they were designated H Class.


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