Honour - Passero 1718

Date - 11 August
Type - Fleet or Squadron Actions 
Conflict - War for Sicily (War of the Quadruple Alliance); 1718-20 

Description The battle took place off Cape Passero on the southern tip of Italy.

Following the Spanish invasion of Sicily in 1718 and subsequent formation of the Quadruple Alliance. A British fleet under Admiral Sir George Byng, was sent to the Mediterranean.

Contact was made with a Spanish squadron comprising 12 ships-of-the-line plus smaller vessels on 10-Aug. Due to the lack of wind, the Spanish ships were towed by accompanying galleys during the night. However the British caught up with the Spanish the next day.

A a result the small Spanish vessels were sent inshore, but eight British frigates followed o chase them out. By the evening of the 11th the Spanish were in full flight and had suffered badly during the day.

Spanish losses are uncertain but could have been 7 ships-of-the-line plus 9 frigates, plus many smaller vessels captured or burned.

Admiral Byng was awarded the title 'Viscount Torrington'.


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