Honour - Kentish Knock 1652

Date - 28-September
Type - Fleet or Squadron Actions
Conflict - First Dutch War; 1652-54

Description The battle took its name from a sandbank in the southern part of the North Sea.

An English fleet of 68 ships commanded by General-at-Sea Robert Blake engaged a Dutch fleet of 59 ships, 18 miles east of North Foreland, at a shallow in the Thames Estuary.

The action broke up into a number of small engagements with many ships running aground. The Dutch withdrew having lost two ships, with many others badly damaged. Nightfall brought the battle to an end.

The list of ships engaged is incomplete.


HM Ships
Acorn  Advice  Advantage Andrew  Anthony Bonaventure 
Assistance  Assurance  Convert Convertine  Cullen 
Cygnet  Diamond   Dragon Exchange  Falmouth 
Foresight  Garland  Gift Golden Dove  Greyhound 
Guinea  Hercules  Hound James  Lion 
Lisbon Merchant  Little President  London Martha  Mary 
Nightingale Nonsuch Old Warwick  Pearl  Pelican 
Portsmouth President Prudent Mary  Resolution  Richard and Martha 
Ruby  Sampson Sovereign  Speaker  Triumph 
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