Honour - BURMA 1824-26

Date - 05-Mar-1824/25-Feb-1826
Type - Campaign Awards
Conflict - 19th Century Colonial Wars

Description The growing presence and power of the British in India, caused increased hatred of the foreigner. Increasing attacks were made on the territories of the British East India Territories and British factories plundered.

An expeditionary force of 2 divisions from Calcutta and Madras plus a naval squadron under Commodore Grant were formed. The total strength of the force was 8701 of which 4077 were British. The resulting conflict became known as the First Burma War.

Initial landings were made up the river Irrawaddy; with Rangoon defended, Prome and Bassein captured. But disease including Cholera caused heavy casualties to the expeditionary force.

An initial attempt at armistice was made but failed. Later a peace treaty was signed but not ratified by either side. This was followed by a major battle during which the Burmese suffered very heavy casualties and forced to surrender. 


HM Ships
Alligator  Arachne  Boadicea  Champion  Diana (Hired steamer)  
Larne  Liffey  Slaney  Sophia  Tamar 
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