Honour - 'Forte' 1799

Date - 01-March
Type -  Single Ship or Boat Service Actions
Conflict - French Revolutionary War; 1793-1803

Description The action took place in the Balasore Roads, Bay of Bengal.

The French ship Forte, a 1400 ton 48-gun Frigate was on a successful commerce raiding cruise in the Bay of Bengal when the smaller but similarly armed HMS Sybille set out from Madras 19-February to stop her.

On 28-February when heading towards the Sand-heads off the mouth of the Bengal River, at about 20:30 hrs Sybille sighted flashes to the north west. This was taken to be lighting but at 21:00 hours it was suspected that they could be gun flashes. So she darkened ship and tacked west.

About 21:30 hrs three ships were sighted, The Forte and two prizes which she had just taken.

By midnight Sybille had closed to within a mile and at 00:45 hrs opened fire on on the Forte. A furious battle began but about 01:30 hour the French fire slackened and by 02:00 hrs had ceased. Sybille ceased firing to ask if the unknown ship she had engaged had struck. Receiving no reply fire was re-started and with no reply again asked if her opponent had struck. With no reply again fire was opened for a third time. After a few minutes fire ceased for a third time and the action ended at 02:28 hours.

Sybille lost 5 killed and 17 wounded out of 371 on board. Forte lost 65 killed and 80 wounded out of 370.

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