Dreadnought Class (1906) BB

HMS Dreadnought was built as a class of one, to incorporate all the major improvements of Battleship design to date. She was meant to make all previous designs from all other navies obsolete. (Which also had the effect of making all previous British designs obsolete as well.)

But with Britain having the greatest industrial potential in Europe, (in particular versus her main potential enemies France and Germany), it was considered that in the building race which followed, Britain would simply outbuild her opponents and so maintain her naval dominance. 

Dreadnought was built in the short time of one year and a day, and completed in October-1906. 

She was so revolutionary and successful that battleships of all countries which were built to older designs were known as 'Pre-Dreadnoughts'. Those which followed her design were known as 'Dreadnoughts', or later, as size continued to increase, 'Super-Dreadnoughts'.


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