HMS Vindictive (1918) CV  (5th)

This the fifth ship to carry the name HMS Vindictive was an aircraft carrier..

Built by Harland & Wolff of Belfast, laid down 29-Jun-1916 as a Cavendish Class cruiser, launched 17-Jan-1918, completed as an aircraft carrier 21-Sep-1918, and commissioned 01-Oct-1918.

The forward flying-off platform and aft landing platform were connected by gangways, along which aircraft with folded wings could be transferred.

On completion joined the Grand Fleet 1918-19.

Sailed 02-Jul-1919 to serve operationally in the Baltic against the Bolsheviks. Ran aground near Reval 06-Jul-1919 and took eight days to re-float. Her aircraft operated form shore bases except for one operation on 30-Jul-1919 against Kronstadt. When they were flown off using a temporarily extended forward flying off platform.

Returned to the UK 24-Dec-1919 and went into reserve.

Served either as a troop carrier or in reserve until paying off at Chatham 01-Mar-1923.

Re-converted to a cruiser 1923-25 with 2 x 7.5in guns added. But retained the hangar and carried seaplane aircraft launched by catapult.  Went to China 1925-28, the Atlantic 1928-29.

Refitted 1929-30 when the hangar was removed so ending work as an aviation vessel.

Back into reserve 1930-36. Converted to a training ship 1936-37, demilitarised and used as a Cadet Training Ship 1937-39.

Converted to a repair ship 1939-40. Used in the South Atlantic 1940-42, the Mediterranean 1943-44. Put into reserve 1945.

Sold Feb-1946 and broken up at Blyth.

Won the Battle Honour : Norway 1940.


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