HMS Newmarket (1940) DD  (1st)

This the only ship to carry the name HMS Newmarket was a Town Class, destroyer. One of 50 sold to the Royal Navy under the destroyers for bases agreement.

Originally the USS Robinson DD88, built by Union Iron Works, laid down 31-Oct-1917, launched 28-Mar-1918, commissioned in the US Navy 19-Oct-1918, commissioned in the Royal Navy 05-Dec-1940 and renamed.

Collided with HMS Newark and repairs at Halifax were completed 05-Jan-1941. Refit at Devonport began 30-Jan-1941 and were completed at the Humber 24-Apr-1941.

After a short spell as escort more repairs at Sheerness took from late June-1941 until Nov-1941. Then she joined the 8th Escort Group at Londonderry as convoy escort. More repairs were needed and took from Jan-1942 until late Mar-1942.

Completed a round trip convoy escort to Iceland then was assessed for Air Target work having had very little front line service.

Refitted as air target at Rosyth May to July 1942 after which she joined Rosyth Command as an air target. Unfortunately was laid up as ineffective for 11 months ending July-1943.

Paid off 01-Jul-1945, sold Sep-1945 and broken up at Llanelly.

One of the least successful of her class.

Won the Battle Honours: Atlantic 1941-42 and Arctic 1942.


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