HMS Maori (1939) DD  (2nd)

This the second ship to carry the name HMS Maori was a Tribal Class, destroyer.

Built by Fairfield laid down 06-Jul-1936, launched 02-Sep-1937, and commissioned 02-Jan-1939.

On completion she joined the 4th Destroyer Flotilla in the Mediterranean. Soon after WW2 started when it was clear Italy was not immediately about to join hostilities, the 4th Flotilla was ordered home.

There Maori took part on the Norwegian Campaign, and North Sea actions against Germen shipping off the Norwegian coast. After this came operations to hunt for the Bismarck, where at the end she got into action against the battleship. As part of Luftwaffe support for Bismarck, Maori was found south of Ireland, bombed and badly damaged.

After repairs it was back to the Mediterranean in Mid-1941.

On 13-Dec-1941 in company with Sikh, Legion and the Dutch Isaac Sweem, intercepted and sank the Italian cruisers Da Barbiano and Di Guissano off Cape Bon.

On 12-Feb-1942 while in Grand Harbour, Malta, Maori was hit by a bomb in the engine room, caught fire and blew up at her moorings. Later salved and scuttled 15-Jul-1945 off Malta.

Won the Battle Honours: Norway 1940, 'Bismarck' 1941, Cape Bon 1941, Atlantic 1941 and Malta Convoys 1941-42.


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