HMS Manxman (1916) CV  (1st)

This the first ship to carry the name HMS Manxman was a mixed carrier which carried both landplanes and seaplanes.

An Isle of Man, steam packet, built by Vickers Sons & Maxim of Barrow-in-Furness, bought from the Midland Railway Co 17-Apr-1916. Converted at Chatham Dockyard and commissioned Dec-1916.

She was the second so-called 'mixed carrier', which operated seaplanes from a hangar aft, and landplanes from a flying off ramp and hangar forward. She was the first British carrier to operate the Sopwith Pup.

Joined the Battle Cruiser Force based at Rosyth and supported minelaying operations in the North Sea Apr/Jul-1917. As she was only able to make 18kts she was mismatched to the remainder of the force.

Went to the Mediterranean Oct-1917 and served there until the end of WW1.

Converted back to a passenger vessel and sold to the Isle of Man Steam Packet Co 12-Feb-1920.

However her military service did not end there. At the start of WW2 was used for cross-channel trooping duties. First sailed 10-Sep-1939 on the Southampton/France run for the BEF. Transferred to the Dover/Boulogne leave service from Jan-1940. 

Used on active operations for 'Operation Dynamo' the Dunkirk evacuation, making three trips and bringing back 2,298 troops and being awarded the Battle Honour.  Subsequently used for 'Operation Ariel', post-Dunkirk evacuations, making one evacuation trip to St. Malo and two to Cherbourg. 

Requisitioned again Oct-1941 for conversion to a radar training ship and renamed HMS Caduceus.

Scrapped 1949.

Won the Battle Honour: Dunkirk 1940 which was awarded as a merchant vessel.



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