HMS Cornwall (1692)  (1st)
3rd Rate 80-gun

This the first HMS Cornwall (1692-1761) was a third rate, two deck, ship-of-the-line of 80-72-guns.

Built by Winter of Southampton, ordered 12-Mar-1691, and launched 24-Apr-1692. She was 156ft 6in long on the deck, 129ft 6in long in the keel, 41ft 6in wide and 17ft 3in deep in the hold, and of 1,186 tons builders measurement (bm). 

Her establishment of 80-guns and 500 men were carried in time of war at home, or 72-guns and 355 men in peace or war overseas.

In May she took part in the Battle of Barfleur - la Hogue. 

Rebuilt at Rotherhithe in 1705-06, when her tonnage increased to 1,241 tons bm.

She then served in the Mediterranean where she was involved in the capture of a French convoy off Catalonia in May 1708. 

After another rebuild, at Deptford, in 1723-26, when her tonnage again increased to 1,350 tons bm, she saw peacetime service in the Baltic and Mediterranean. However, she was not re-commissioned until 1742, three years after the start of the Spanish War. 

After initial service off Spain, she was deployed to the West Indies and in March 1748 tool part in the capture of Port Louis, Haiti. In the following October she captured a 64 gun Spanish ship during the defence of a convoy off Havana. 

Employed as a prison ship between 1755 and 1760.

Broken up at Chatham by 16-Jul-1761.

Won the Battle Honour: Barfleur 1692.


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