HMS Campbeltown (1940) DD  (1st)

The first HMS Campbeltown was originally a US Navy ship, the USS Buchanan, hence the blue circle from the Buchanan's crest and the white star represents the flag of the USA. The Buchanan was traded to Britain in the WW2 destroyers for bases agreement.

The centre of Campbeltown's badge sports the bog myrtle which is a plant only found in the area surrounding the town of Campbeltown in Argyll, Scotland.

Arrived at Devonport 29-Sep-1940 for a refit which lasted until 01-November. The next day was in a collision and repairs took until 24-November.

Joined the 17th Flotilla, Western Approaches Command but on 03-Dec-1940 collided with HMS Comus and repairs took until 28-Mar-1941. On completion she became Dutch manned and joined the 7th Escort Group.

In Sep-1941 became British manned again and joined the 27th Escort Group on the West African convoy route.

During repairs which began in late Jan-1942 was selected as an expendable vessel for use in the St. Nazaire raid to destroy the dry dock located there.

Her claim to fame was that she was the lead ship of the flotilla which successfully destroyed the Dry Dock at St Nazaire in France on 28-March-1942. Campbeltown was loaded with explosives and driven into the lock gates. The explosives were detonated by time delay and the dock taken out of action for the duration of WW2.

Ship's Bell
The ship's Bell from the first HMS Campbeltown was presented to the town of Campbeltown in Pennsylvania, USA at the end of the Second World War as a token of gratitude to the USA for the lend-lease programme. In 1988 the townspeople of Campbeltown voted to lend the bell to the current HMS Campbeltown for the duration of her service in the Royal Navy, after which it will then be returned to America. HMS Campbeltown maintains strong links with the people of Campbeltown, Argyll and Campbeltown, PA.

Won the Battle Honours: Atlantic 1941-42 and St. Nazaire 1942.


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