HMS Beverley (1940) DD  (1st)

This the only ship to carry the name HMS Beverley was a Town Class, destroyer. One of 50 sold to the Royal Navy under the destroyers for bases agreement.

Originally the USS Branch DD197, built by Newport News Ship Building Co, laid down 15-Oct-1918, launched 19-Apr-1919, commissioned in the US Navy 03-Apr-1920, commissioned in the Royal Navy 08-Oct-1940 and renamed.

Arrived at Devonport 25-Oct-1940 and after a short refit carried out escort work in the Western Approaches.

Refitted on the Tyne Mar-1941 to 31-May-1941 to repair engine defects. Escort duty on Gibraltar/UK convoys then continued until Aug-1941. Radar was then fitted and moved to North Atlantic trade and troop convoy escort duty.

After this escorted two Arctic convoys to Russia. Damage repair and upgrade work was then completed at Belfast from May to Aug-1942.

Returned to North Atlantic escort work until torpedoed and sunk 11-Apr-1943 by U-188 after collision with SS Cairnronaon, south of Greenland. Only four of her company of 152 survived.

Won the Battle Honours: Atlantic 1940-43, Malta Convoys 1941 and Arctic 1942.


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