Trafalgar Class (1983) 
Fleet Attack Submarine SSN Specification 

Crew :

97. To Trafalgar Class (1983) SSN Ships :
Displacement : 4,700 tonnes, (5,200 tonnes dived.)

Dimensions :

Length  85.4m x Beam 9.8m x Draught 9.5m
Range : n/a

Sensors :

Sonar including, Bow, Flank, Active Intercept and Towed Arrays;
Attack and Search Periscopes;
Collision Avoidance Radar;
Electronic Warfare Equipment.
Armament : 5 Tubes;
Spearfish Torpedoes;
Harpoon Missiles;
Tomahawk Missiles.
Power plant : Single shaft PWR-1 nuclear reactor,
2 x geared steam turbines 15,000shp,
.4000bhp emergency diesel-electric plant.

Max Speed :

32 kts.
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