Type 12 Rothesay Class 
Anti-submarine Frigates FF Specification 

Crew :

152. To Type 12 Rothesay Class FF Ships :
Displacement : 2,380 tons standard, 2,800 tons max.

Dimensions :

370ft x 51ft x 17ft 3in
112.77m x 15.54m x 5.27m
Range : 5,200 nm at 12kts.
Maximum fuel load was 400 tons oil.

Sensors :

Type 277Q
Type 293Q surveillance
Type 275 fire control

Type 174 search
Type 162 target classification
Type 170 attack

Mk6M gun director
Armament : 2 x 4.5" guns in a single Mk VI turret
1 x 40mm gun
12 x 21" torpedo tubes in two twin trainable and eight single fixed mountings
2 x Limbo AS mortars
Corvus decoy launchers.
Power plant : Two Babcock & Wilcox 550psi boilers with two English Electric steam turbines producing a total of 30000shp on two shafts.

Max Speed :

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