Honour - ' Zefier' 1809

Date - 11-September
Type - Single Ship or Boat Service Actions
Conflict - Napoleonic War; 1803-15

Description The action took place near Monado, at the Celebes.

HMS Diana had found the Dutch ship Zefier the previous day in the bay of Amarang at the north end of the Celebes. Zefier was anchored close inshore under cover of a fort. But as there was a fresh sea-breeze blowing into the bay Diana's captain Lt William Kempthorne decided to attack after dark using boats. The boats were duly launched but could not find their target.

Kempthorne decided that the Dutchman had sailed with the intention of sheltering under a strong fort located a short way north at the bay of Monado. The boats were recovered, and Diana set sail northwards.

The action began at 0430 hrs and lasted about 1hour 10 minutes. Zefier struck her colours as Diana's crew were preparing to board. Diana took her prize in tow, saw off five gun-boats which had been closing to come to the Dutchman's assistance.

Zefier lost 5 killed including her captain and about 8 wounded. Diana suffered no casualties.

For his judgement and gallantry Kempthorne was promoted to Commander.


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